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Flossie Teacake's Guide to English Paper Piecing

Exploring the Fussy World of Precision Patchwork
Patchwork, Quilting & Applique
276mm x 13mm
In a sea of quilting project books, Flossie Teacakes' Guide to English Paper Piecing stands alone. Drawing together many disparate strands, this comprehensive guide offers up a deeper exploration of this precision patchwork craft, providing everything quilters need to know on a practical level to begin navigating fussy cutting and English paper-piecing (EPP). The most comprehensive guide to English paper piecing on the market today, including history of the craft, artist profiles, and more! Patterns for original rosettes on which to learn the practicalities of EPP are shown step-by-step, covering everything from templates, paper choice, magic mirrors, how to mock up layouts, glue/thread basting, and more. Finished examples exemplifying mastery of the skills learned in the book & unique secondary designs within the quilts that demonstrate the fussy cut and rosette piecing techniques. Flossie Teacakes' Guide to English Paper Piecing is not just a how-to text on English paper piecing. While any book on English paper piecing must cover the instructional aspects, Flossie Teacakes offers a softer, warmer approach, exploring the craft on a more tactile paper-and-fabric level and including stories and inspirations this wonderful craft. AUTHOR: In the last few years, Florence Knapp has developed an utter obsession with English paper piecing, creating intricate quilt tops sewn entirely by hand. It's wonderfully liberating not to be bound to the sewing machine and for sewing to suddenly feel a much more sociable and portable activity. She also writes general sewing patterns and occasional articles for sewing magazines, as well as shares tutorials on her blog Flossie Teacakes. She's been called the Liberty master as she works extensively with Liberty of London fabrics and her delightful writing style is a pleasure to read. In addition to being featured on various quilting blogs, her work has appeared on the Liberty of London website and Society of 6, and she has self-published an eBook on English paper piecing. 250 colour photographs