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Contact Details

  • Phone

61 3 9335 4822

  • Fax

61 3 9335 5399

  • Email
  • Address
3/18-20 Steele Court
Tullamarine, Vic, Aust, 3043
Melways Map 15, Grid F:6   (click for Maps)
  • Hours
9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (Aus EST)


Sales Representatives

  • Victoria
Robert Hume
     0407 060 486
  • South Australia
Lisa Daly
     0419 170 176
  • New South Wales (Central & South)
Ray Dorries
     0418 230 601
  • Queensland North
Barry Peacock
     0414 907 022
  • Queensland
David Dobson
     0417 709 764
  • Tasmania
Kendra Gardam
     0418 596 431
  • Western Australia
Coral Randall
     0419 980 766


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As our name implies Craft Book Wholesalers are traders of books that focus on crafts, providing instruction, design, technique and inspiration on all subjects.  We are actively extending our range into the children’s book market and can source a large variety of books in any field that our customers desire. 

We are a long established business with long established ties with our customers.  They stay with us because we offer a complete service for buying books that saves business money in more places than price alone.  Coupled with our competitive discounts, quick and efficient dispatch and friendly personnel, Craft Book Wholesalers keeps the customer satisfied long after the sale.

We hold stock of ALL of our catalogued items.  This is an important consideration when ordering books and relying on them arriving promptly.  We support our customers by holding stock of the items that they order. Some Stores need the personal touch of a Sales Representative to call on them.  We can provide this service too

Setting up an Account and Ordering with Craft Book Wholesalers is a simple process.  Start trading promptly so that you can have books in your store, ready for your customers to buy. 

"Craft Book Wholesalers" was started in February 1984 as Craft Gallery Books. At the time the business was servicing 66 shops in the eastern side of Melbourne with a total of 200 different Craft Titles. As "Craft Book Wholesalers", a specialist of craft books, the range has expanded to carry over 3000 different Craft Book titles and many other craft related products, all ready to ship and arrive at your door within days. Craft Book Wholesalers now provides its services to the whole of Australia and exports books to New Zealand, Singapore and other parts of Asia.


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Simple Ordering

Whilst we endeavour to provide a useful website in keeping with the modern times we also recognise our customers unique needs and can take orders by phone or fax and can receive most forms of payment

We offer you a huge range of books.  Not just a range of books which we will then make you wait for but a ready supply of all our advertised titles on our shelves ready to ship to you.  We are proud of the fact that we stock so many titles so that our customers can have the quickest possible delivery of their orders. 

However, we have access to over 100,000 titles from hundreds of publishers and will readily keep stock of titles that our customers indicate an interest in.  If it’s not listed in our “stocked” range just ask us to source it for you.  We will get it quicker and cheaper.

Orders are processed with care, passing systems to ensure you get the books you order every time, on time without error.  The books are packed in bubble wrap and boxed with further packing to protect them so that they arrive in pristine condition to sell.

Delivery is via eParcel and is tracked by signature so that we can ensure delivery from our freight company is on time and can reach you, no matter where you are!

Our Billing is simple and flexible enabling you to pay with the minimum of fuss, which is, after all, what we desire, having shared our great books and service.

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Selling Materials

Craft Book Wholesalers works actively with their customers to enable them to sell books.  When buyers come to us for Retail sales we direct them to buy our books through our customers.  If you have a web site presence we can provide a link to your site to direct retail sales there.